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Organizational Workshops

Does your organization have high rate of turnover? Does your organization do identity based trauma or crisis work?

Try out our Self Care Workshops, and managerial consultations to increase morale for your staff, increase awareness on the management level of how to decrease burnout, and come up with concrete steps in how to support your staff and create a culture of Liberation & Self Care in the workplace.

Our trauma informed practitioners have a deep understanding of how doing crisis or trauma based work may impact us on a personal and professional level, we are here to create sustainable supports for you and your staff!

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Are you often the person people turn to for support?

Whether you get paid for it or not.

We are here to offer you your own space where you can begin the practice of consistent self care in order to prevent and mitigate emotional and physical burnout.

Don’t hit rock bottom before you seek out support!

Heal the Healers

heal the healers

What happens when we ourselves need healing and support?

Too often it may feel like we don’t want to bother other people, that our problems are not worth the time or space, that our work place doesn’t allow for vulnerability, but we want you to know that you deserve a space, in the same way that you provide space!

In this 10 week Community Practice, we will develop tools, create connections, and begin to let go of baggage that impacts our ability to heal and our feelings of self worth when it comes to providing ourselves with care.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Do you or your peers need a space to vent about systemic issues, and come up with strategies to maintain consistent self care? Does your organization tend to burn its staff out?

Come to our group sessions, or organize one with your peers!